Home Inspection Services

What we offer?

New Home Inspection

Why do you need your brand new home inspected? Because homes today are built with one major objective, SPEED! This keeps labor costs down and profit up, so many mistakes are made on new homes. Remember, at the walkthrough, the builders’ representative is there protecting the builder. Who is there protecting you?

Vacation Home Inspection

We can inspect your home while you are on vacation, extended absence or anytime the home is empty. We offer scheduled and emergency inspections. We phone, text or email reports from each inspection visit with pictures and videos. We have the problem solving experience to handle any situation that may occur.

Home Repair / Storm Repair Consultation

Prior to signing a work order contract for home repairs or damage repairs, we can be your professional "Honest Broker" and review the repair estimate, inspect the damage, and verify or recommend what you need repaired and what you should agree to have repaired. This is designed as your protection from “Bad Contractors”

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections

We perform Thermal Imaging inspections to look for problems with indoor and outdoor electrical issues, energy audits, moisture investigations, HVAC and Mechanical inspections, air leakage and insulation issues.

Pre-Sale Inspection

Proves the sellers’ Good Faith with full disclosure protection from future legal claims. Can prove the seller represented the property honestly. Can confirm that there are no immediate major home repairs needed. Can help the seller substantiate a higher asking price if the home is in good shape. Shows that there are no known Safety Hazards. Gives the seller a prior list of defects that require service or repair.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Makes your home stand out by being perceived as “Certified for Move In” by offering buyers and agents’ access to the Pre-Listing Inspection Report. Protects seller from stressful inspection “Surprises” right before closing. Avoids closing delays due to unknown repairs. Removes the over-inflated buyer procured repair estimates from the negotiations.

How the Inspection Process Works

  1. The Client calls and we discuss their needs.
  2. The Inspection is scheduled and all questions are answered
  3. We meet at the property and go over the Inspection Agreement
  4. We inspect the home, show the client the issues and provide tips and maintenance recommendations throughout the inspection.
  5. We inform the Client on recommended Repairs, Safety Issues and items requiring Further Evaluation.
  6. We answer all questions the Client has pertaining to the home.
  7. We provide the Client with the Inspection Report, documenting photographs/videos and are available for phone consultations after the inspection.